Our team has spent months putting heads together, and banging them on the wall.  But we have finally come to great place in our research and development that has allowed us to announce new products to our customers.  While fine details on every project cannot be published at this moment, we’re excited to life the curtain on some developments we have made in the last year.

First, we have a data logger coming to the market. Built on an RFP, we have modified some specifications to match many customers’ applications.  The easy to use logger will be a great piece of equipment for many end users.  More details will be available on the logger in the coming weeks. 

Already on the site you will find our line of SmartSlave™ Corrosion Base Products. This is an extremely innovative product that we are very excited to release. Utilizing low power technology with sophisticated algorithms, our Corrosion monitoring system can help monitor the harmful elements in your environment.  Features include wired and wireless options, easily replaceable sensor coupons, and much more.

Last but not least, our (almost) secret project.  We have been in development for a long time on a monitoring solution for data centers.  Our tested and tried solution is going to change how most data center managers see their environment, and react to its’ changes.  While we are putting the final touches on that project, you can contact our sales team for release information as it becomes available.

There are other possible projects in the works, but we’ll keep our lips sealed for now.  For information on the products listed above please contact us.  We’ll be releasing plenty more information on our Sensor Blog, so keep up to date on our Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.