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Customization Techniques from iButtonLink

Earlier this year we talked about how easy it is for our experienced team to produce customized products for clients. Routinely we shape, mold, or tweak products to meet customer specifications. We have had many different examples of customization techniques over the years. Some of those examples have included: -Custom Molding, including molded logos or special molds -Cable & Wire Length -Custom Cable Color -Interface Customization -Design Specification, including additions to our already built product This shortlist is only a snapshot of what we have done with many of our customers. What should excite our prospective clients is that we..  - Read More

Interview with iButtonLink's Newest Member--Caleb Kimball

Our company is fortunate enough to hire students from the local university, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Recently, our team has included a new addition to our Marketing & Sales Team. We've asked Mr. Caleb Kimball to sit down with us and speak about his experiences and time with iButtonLink so far. Introduction to Caleb Kimball A Busy Man and a Busy Mind. Mr. Kimball is a soon to graduate senior at the UW-Whitewater campus. As a student of the College of Arts and Communications Caleb majors in Advertising, which he says inspired him to become and independent student of neurology...  - Read More

The Sensor Revolution

Picture Credit: Sara Raimo, NSF Dubbed “The Sensor Revolution” by the NSF (National Science Foundation) our industry is at the top of the game when it comes to changing the way we think of, interact with, and perceive the world.  In the 1980’s the world saw a huge change as the PC revolution put computing at our fingertips instead of long and lengthy punchcards you always hear the old folks (sorry boss, but it is what it is) talking about. Then something new came into play in the ‘90s when the Internet broke the laws of communication and unbound communication came..  - Read More

New Products Announcement

  Our team has spent months putting heads together, and banging them on the wall.  But we have finally come to great place in our research and development that has allowed us to announce new products to our customers.  While fine details on every project cannot be published at this moment, we’re excited to life the curtain on some developments we have made in the last year. First, we have a data logger coming to the market. Built on an RFP, we have modified some specifications to match many customers’ applications.  The easy to use logger will be a great..  - Read More

Aerospace Technology Growing Market for Sensors

       Planes, jets, drones, flying machines are as intricate as they are amazing.  Hairpin maneuvers require a lot of skill and focus in a trained pilot.  But, what about the machinery inside?  The power and innovation of aerospace technology will challenge many markets to become more efficient with their products.  For the sensor market, there is a chance for many opportunities.    The sensor market for aerospace technology will go from over a billion dollars in revenue in 2013 to over 2.5 billion by 2020 Frost & Sullivan predict.  Additionally, the industry is on track to product 34,000..  - Read More

Find Us on LinkedIn

    We are now going social.  Check out LinkedIn for information on us. “Follow” the iButtonLink LinkedIn for updates on our new product offerings and updates.  We will also post blogs and other news there, so stay updated with everything iButtonLink has to offer.    Follow the Sensor blog for more updates and news.  For more information on iButtonLink, or questions, please contact us.  - Read More

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