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Wearable Batteries, Battle Between Size and Efficiency

One ongoing problem in all markets that deal with technology is power.  Providing it, sustaining it, and replacing it.  Many applications that have users on the go will use power endlessly.   While batteries have become a more sufficient with energy and even reduced in size, the kryptonite of the battery is limited power.  So what is the answer?  Do we plug our many battery operated items into the wall?  Charge ourselves daily?  Thomas Kail of ams AG speculates that harvesting energy should be the way to go for the future.    Obtaining power from the natural resources around us sounds..  - Read More

1-Wire® Viewer Start Guide

   Enabling a new viewer software can be overbearing if you’re unfamiliar with the landscape ahead.  With this guide, we hope to direct you through the start up of 1-Wire® Viewer using a free software from Maxim Integrated.  Bringing together the right pieces, and following this guide, you’ll be able to read temperature in mere minutes*.  To start, here’s what you’ll need: -Master -Sensor -Viewer Software      For our example, we’ll be using our LinkUSB (master), a T-Probe (sensor), and Maxim’s 1-Wire® Viewer Software which can be downloaded here  free.  To start, put your LinkUSB and T-Probe together via..  - Read More

September Announcements

          As the fall season approaches and the winds of change bring another cold winter our way, we’ve decided to re-vamp our blogging to “warm-up” our customers and offer more information about our products and services.  You, our readers, can expect upcoming articles on featured products, clients with special applications for our products, and highlighting news from around the sensor world.    This month specifically we’re looking at how to mission an iButton®, releasing information on some projects we’ve been a part of this summer, and much more.    The Sensor Blog will release weekly so return..  - Read More

Atmospheric Corrosion Sensors Fabrication

Who cares about corrosion caused by the atmosphere?We get asked that question a lot when we talk about our new corrosion sensor that are just finishing private test.  The answer is quite a lot of people.The gasses in the atmosphere eat away at metals. This can be bad, especially for computers. Very bad.  It’s such a big deal that ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.) have written standards about how much metal can be corroded away from computers if you expect them to keep working for a long time. You see, in large data centers, as one..  - Read More

Customization Made Easy

We strive to provide the best quality products and services in the 1-Wire market. The way we do that is by offering great options on our products to customers interested in modifying something we have, or don't! While we may not be able to fix every customer problem that comes through our doors, we will work diligently to find a solution until there are none left. In the past we've customized cord length, made cables ready for high temperatures, specialized molding, and much more. Contact our sales team at to find out how we can create the best 1-Wire..  - Read More

Our Big Move

We have finally moved! On December 20th, 2013 iButtonLink, LLC moved its final boxes to the Whitewater-University Innovation Center. This move has been long awaited, with plans originating early this summer. After successfully signing the lease and contracting with J.P. Cullen & Sons, we have found ourselves all settled into our new area. The Whitewater-University Innovation Center was erected not too long ago with hopes of attracting many small businesses and start-ups. After working with the Whitewater Community Development Authority including Pat Cannon and Jeff Knight, Denise Ehlen with the office of Research and Sponsored Programs, and Dirk Maroske, our..  - Read More

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