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iButtons® in the World: The African Savanna

It’s not often we get to gloat about our products, but in this instance we find it important to share our customers’ work.  Robert Pringle is an Assistant Professor at Princeton University in the Ecology/Evolutionary Biology Department. Dr. Pringle has researched extensively how unrelated species interact with not only each other, but with environmental factors as well. Dr. Pringle specializes on African savanna ecosystems, in central Kenya and Mozambique; he is currently working with Princeton doctoral candidate Tyler Coverdale to understand how elephants impact the environment around them both directly and indirectly. Here is Dr. Pringle on his collaboration with..  - Read More

Once upon a time there was a small sensor company...

My partner started iButtonLink in 2003 as a hobby with one product.  I joined him in 2006.  We both thought it would be a nice way to tinker.  In 2011 I took over operations full time because our customers decided that it wasn't about the tinkering.  It was a real company to them and people were counting on us to deliver.   My partner retired in early 2012 and I now own and run iButtonLink. But what is iButtonLink and why should you care?  Let me give you a few reasons: We focus on building reliable and economical sensors and..  - Read More


 T-Probe-Pipe is here!  Designed to clamp securely to most any pipe and provide a fast and accurate temperature reading. See it:  - Read More

What art thou sensor?

We have sensors all over the world doing some of the most amazing jobs.  Here are some of the interesting applications our sensors support.     Monitoring data center air flow, humidity, and temperature allowing huge savings for data center operators. Monitoring freezers in convenience stores (over 5,000 installations) to make sure the freezers are at the correct temperature and that the food is safe to eat. Monitoring the temperature of permafrost in Alaska to make sure homes won't sink. Logging the temperature of pallets of food during long voyages. Determining if circus workers are giving games away or pocketing..  - Read More

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