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Bluetooth Sensor

IBL Bluetooth Sensor

A New Tool for IBL Technology Solutions

Developed by IBL Engineering Team 

Bluetooth Sensor

Over the last couple of months our development team has been dedicating themselves to the creation of a sensor that provides real time updates to a mobile application. The sensor they developed connects to a cellphone over Bluetooth to display the data the sensor is collecting. By integrating the Bluetooth Beacon we created into the data logger the data is directly uploaded from the logger onto the beacon, which when connected to a secure device running the app, interprets the data from the sensor so that the user can understand it. This data could be anything from temperature to the name of sensor that can correspond to where the sensor is placed. The applications for the real-time updates to a phone are endless, allowing us to create more solutions for our clients.

Scenario Solutions

A couple of scenarios we ran with Bluetooth Sensor solution were a spread across our industry solutions. We envisioned the Bluetooth sensor used in building security to monitor a facility in real time to detect any temperature changes that may indicate fire compromise or the monitoring of a machine when staff is out.

For transportation we envision the Bluetooth sensor working like our "Driver Identification" key which provides a guaranteed unique ID to be used as a key in access control systems, inventory control applications, work-in-progress tracking, or other applications that require a low-cost, reliable method of validating identification.

For lab environments the Bluetooth Sensor could allow for the monitoring of a closed environment without having to enter the environment. Instead the Bluetooth sensor can transmit data over the Bluetooth connection to mobile application that is within range of the sensor.

In museums the Bluetooth Sensor can act as virtual tour guide. Visitors to the museum simply download the application on their phones and then when they pass an exhibit piece connect to our placed sensor which transmits information on the piece they are looking at, the Bluetooth sensor creating an experience in itself. It could also work for curators, monitoring the humidity and temperature of the area around a piece of art to ensure the piece is preserved.

iButton Sensors

There are multiple sensors that we are equipping with our new Bluetooth interface. The types of sensors are a temperature sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, UV Sensor, visible light sensor, and a temperature+humidity+pressure sensor. We filled out our new Bluetooth suite to ensure that our clients have the solutions they need.

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