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For all normal orders, the iButtonKeyboard has been directly replaced by the iButton Serial Typer. If you have a special case or would like more information, please contact us.

Please Note: The iButtonKeyboard cannot be used to program or retrieve data from iButtons. For applications that require read/write capabilities, you will need a LinkUSBi Touch and Hold

The iButtonKeyboard is an easy-to-use device that allows for the reading of the unique 16-digit address of any iButton ®. You just need to plug it into any USB port and open any program that can read/write characters, such as Word or Excel, and the iButtonKeyboard will be ready to go.  

Our compact iButtonKeyboard incorporates all of the parts required to read the unique 16-digit address of any iButton®, including the reader and an 18 inch USB cable. The responsive touch surface relays the 16-digit address through the device to your computer when it is in full contact with the iButton®. An instructional walk-through can be found here.

iButtonKeyboard is molded in our low-pressure molding system. This process adds physical durability and a waterproof enclosure. The device will not function underwater, but it is highly resistant to accidental spills of most liquids. More information on the warranty can be found here.

The iButtonKeyboard is ideal for registration desks that are using iButtons® for identification, like schools, medical institutions, and more. This device is also highly valuable to the person who needs to sort a large number of iButtons® for product family identification.

Please note: The iButtonKeyboard has compatibility errors with Windows 10. This issue has been resolved in the iButton Serial Typer and other members of the Typer Family.  

We also offer a 6-foot iButtonKeyboard with a USB connection.

Check our reduced price stock available in the scratch/dent category.  

This product is RoHS compliant.

Again, please note: The iButtonKeyboard cannot be used to program or retrieve data from iButtons. For applications that require read/write capabilities please visit our Master's section. 

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