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iButton Typer Family

This new family of iButtonLink products is centered around the idea of creating an easier, faster, and more reliable way to input data from iButtons®. 

Each member of the Typer™ family works with specific kinds of iButtons® and performs different tasks. However, they also share some common features, including:

  • Water-resistant Technomelt molded body
  • Maxim touch read head
  • Three LEDs along the side to indicate status
  • Customizable print options
  • Available in HID and Serial modes
  • Detachable micro-USB cable (sold separately)

To see the features that make these devices unique, click on one of the Typers™ below!

Want to see which of the Typer™ family are compatible with the iButtons® in your applications? Check out this table:

Family Member

Supported iButtons

iButton® Serial Typer™

Recommended:  DS1990A, DS1990R

Supported:  All

iButton® MissionCheck

iButton® Log Typer™

iButton® Memory Typer™


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