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All the technical documents below are in PDF format

1-Wire® Interface (Masters)

The Link Users Guide

      (includes Link45, Link45i, Link12, Link12i)

Link TH Users Manual
LinkHubS Users Guide
LinkHubE Users Guide
LinkOEM Users Manual
LinkUSB Users Manual

Replace the native 1-Wire port on the Dallas TINI board with a LinkOEM module for more robust 1-Wire® performance.
Using Fox-Bus Guide V1.2 or later Links interface to either 1-Wire® OR Fox-Bus networks.


MultiSensor Users Manual

      (includes all MS-xx products)


      for MultiSensor RevC


      for MultiSensor RevD


      How to read MS-TH with Link Products

MS-THW Programmers Guide
T-Sense Manual

Example NIST certificates

Sample Maxim Certificate for DS1922 and DS1923 iButtons®

Sample Certificate from Thermodata 


LinkLocator Users Manual

    (includes Model 1 and Model 3)


T-Logger Users Manual

Experimental Software

Driver and Utility Downloads

LinkUSB and LinkUSBi Drivers  for the following operating systems:

Windows X32 and X64


Mac OS X

Windows CE

Lantronix Redirector for the Ethernet interface in the LinkHubE

Lantronix Redirector Users Guide (LinkHubE)

Lantronix Device Installer Users Guide (LinkHubE)

Lantronix xPort Users Guide (LinkHubE)


Maxim Integrated Products Data Sheets

Data Sheets for Selected Products including iButtons® and Thermochrons

Dallas iButton® Viewer software

(Free software - download link below)

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