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BACnet Sensors- UV

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Bacnet International

BACnet is communication protocols that follow the standards set by ISO, ASHRAE, and ANSI standards. The reason for these standards is to create a unified system of information sharing, independent from any system model that would try to exploit customers by adding gateways or barriers to the information sharing; all this to protect consumer/clients. Our new BACnet sensors comply with BACnet protocol standards.

Our Sensors

Our BACnet sensors are designed for applications that require a ultra violet light system. Following the BACnet logging protocols, the data that is logged is guaranteed to flow into a BACnet system.

Our Ultra Violet Sensors

Our Ultra Violet sensors are developed to monitor the amount of UV radiation being emitted. The monitoring of UV is essential as harmful exposure can lead to sunburns or other skin conditions, and for monitoring any lab environments.

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