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BlueMote™ External 2T2T

by iButtonLink

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BlueMote™ External 2T2T

Wireless Sensor with two External Temperature Sensors

A novel wireless sensing platform.” - IBM Research


The BlueMote™ External 2T2T is capable of handling two separate external wired cables with two wired Temperature sensors on each cable.  The external wired sensors connect to the BlueMote™ through a category 5 (cat-5) cable.

Jointly developed by IBM Research and iButtonLink, the BlueMote™ is an innovative wireless device that has been tested by IBM Research and is in use at IBM Data Centers around the world.  This innovative product is a wireless solution for business’ looking to understand their facilities physical environment.  Custom combinations of sensors fit for your needs include temperature, humidity, light, pressure, current, and corrosion combinations. 

BlueMotes™ runs on IBM Low Power Mote and uses SmartMesh WirelessHART hardware.  By using ultra-low power hardware just two AA cell batteries can power each BlueMote™ for about five years.  Battery power gives each BlueMote™ untethered flexibility and nearly limitless sensor network potential.

For more information on the BlueMote™ External 2T2T, please visit BlueMote™ External 2T2T Specification Sheet. For more detailed information on the BlueMote™, please visit the BlueMote™ product description page.

This product is RoHS compliant.

 Feature Measurement Description
Battery Life 5 Years Depends on connected sensors
Power Input 3.0 Volts Internal battery supply
Operating Temperature 50 Degrees C 0-50 Degrees C range
External Ports 2 RJ45 Sensors may be daisy chained


Currently available BlueMote™ configurations include:

BlueMote™ Internal TH - External 1C1T

BlueMote™ Internal PTH - External 1T

BlueMote™ External 1T1T

BlueMote™ Internal F - External 1T1T

BlueMote™ External 2T2T

Single Access Gateway Device

BlueMote™ Gateway

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