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BlueMote™ Internal PHT - External 1T

by iButtonLink

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BlueMote™ Internal PHT - External 1T

Wireless Sensor with Pressure, Humidity & Temperature and External Temperature Sensor 

A novel wireless sensing platform.” - IBM Research


The BlueMote™ Internal PHT - External 1C1T means that this product has an internal sensor for sensing air pressure, humidity and temperature.  Additionally, this BlueMote™ is capable of handling one external wired box sensor (Temperature).  The external wired sensors connect to the BlueMote™ device through a category 5 (cat-5) cable.

Jointly developed by IBM Research and iButtonLink, the BlueMote™ is an innovative wireless device that has been rigorously tested by IBM Research and is in use at IBM Data Centers around the world.  This innovative product is a wireless solution for business’ looking to understand their facilities physical environment.  Custom combinations of sensors fit for your needs include temperature, humidity, light, pressure, current, corrosion and more coming soon.

BlueMotes™ run on ultra-low power SmartMesh WirelessHART hardware and IBM Low Power Mote technology, making them the best multi-sensors in the industry.  By using ultra-low power hardware just two AA cell batteries can power each BlueMote™ with an expected lifetime of five years.  Battery power gives each BlueMote™ untethered flexibility and nearly limitless sensor network potential.

For more information on the BlueMote™ 1T-PHT, please visit this specification sheet: BlueMote™ 1T-PHT Specification Sheet. For more detailed information on the BlueMote™, please visit the BlueMote™ product description page.

This product is RoHS compliant.

 Feature Measurement Description
Battery Life 5 Years Depends on connected sensors
Power Input 3.0 Volts Internal battery supply
Operating Temperature 50 Degrees C 0-50 Degrees C range
External Ports 2 RJ45 Sensors may be daisy chained


Currently available BlueMote™ configurations include:

BlueMote™ Internal TH - External 1C1T

BlueMote™ Internal PTH - External 1T

BlueMote™ External 1T1T

BlueMote™ Internal F - External 1T1T

BlueMote™ External 2T2T

Single Access Gateway Device

BlueMote™ Gateway

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