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T-Sense® SD - Temperature Sensor

by iButtonLink
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The T-Sense® provides an easy-to-use temperature sensor at a great price. A RJ-45 patch cable can be used to connect the T-Sense® to a 1-Wire® master. Any software can be used with this product.     

This product has high accuracy and resolution for such a low-cost sensor and it is the best-selling product in the iButtonLink sensor line. Based on the DS18B20, the T-Sense® has a very rugged construction with a fully molded sensor body, giving it excellent environmental tolerance and physical durability. However, this does not mean that it is a bulky sensor. The T-Sense® has measurements of 1 3/4 inch (length), 3/4 inch (width), and 3/4 inch (height). This gives the T-Sense® a wider temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. It has an accuracy of ±0.5°C from -10°C to +85°C. The T-Sense® gives 12 bit resolution readings in 0.75 seconds.

Figure 1

 The T-Sense® is easy to install and link together using standard RJ-45 patch cables (see figure 1). A user can put more than 100 on a single 1-Wire® master. The 1-Wire® address barcode provides an easy way to identify an individual sensor and provides an accurate way to log the address. The T-Sense® is compatible with most 1-Wire® software, including the 1-Wire® Viewer, DigiTemps, owfs, and IBM Active Energy Manager (through a LinkHub-E).

It is also easy to use in complex 1-Wire® networks by combining the T-Sense®, T-Box and RJ-45 patch cables. With an iButtonLink 1-Wire® master like the LinkUSB, Link45, or LinkHub-E, no additional 1-Wire® hubs or splitters are required.



The free 1-Wire® Viewer software from Maxim Integrated works great with the T-Sense®.
The T-Sense® User Manual provides a pin out and and additional information about the T-Sense®.

The T-Sense® is a replacement for the Digitemp DT1A.

T-Sense is a registered trademark of iButtonLink.  1-Wire® is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated.


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