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Centered in rural Wisconsin, iButtonLink is a small manufacturing and development company that is focused in the networked sensor solutions business. We produce and distribute high quality sensors and solutions that can be outfitted to fit any business needs.

Most of our design and manufacturing happens here at our facility here in Wisconsin. Our great team of researchers and builders are extremely knowledgeable and willing to complete any project big or small. We are happy to customize orders for our customers. Our products can be re-sized or reshaped to fit any need, and we can also create full packaged solutions for various settings.

Since our inception in 2003 we have served companies from fortune 500 to small start-ups offering unique and innovative solutions for businesses. Our product line of loggers and sensors is unmatched and the best out there. We also have distributors all over the world including the Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Australia. Let us be your only stop for 1-wire products!

For customer inquiries or general questions, please contact us

Suite #117, 1221 Innovation Drive Whitewater, WI 53190 United States 262-662-4029