We have finally moved! On December 20th, 2013 iButtonLink, LLC moved its final boxes to the Whitewater-University Innovation Center. This move has been long awaited, with plans originating early this summer. After successfully signing the lease and contracting with J.P. Cullen & Sons, we have found ourselves all settled into our new area. The Whitewater-University Innovation Center was erected not too long ago with hopes of attracting many small businesses and start-ups. After working with the Whitewater Community Development Authority including Pat Cannon and Jeff Knight, Denise Ehlen with the office of Research and Sponsored Programs, and Dirk Maroske, our plans were set to move. Our work was all paid off at about 2pm on Friday December 20th after our finaly piece of equipment was placed in our offices. Now the unboxing begins with hours of organization to follow. 


Please checkout this great slideshow of photos that give insight as to what our move was like. They include all of our pre-move boxing, construction, and moving. We hope you enjoy.