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In 2001, Dallas Semiconductor was acquired by Maxim Integrated Products, turning control of the development of iButtons to Maxim. Maxim continues to supply our iButtons to this day.

Getting Started With iButtons:

  • PC running Windows 10
  • iButton® Typer™ For New Users
    • Easy way to read the serial numbers from iButtons® and input them into a word processing program without having to type it out by hand. Data will be printed (or “typed”) into an open word processing program, such as Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, or Notepad, at the point the cursor is set. The data will be printed in the format specified in the document, including font style and font size. The user can instantly input data into the file most convenient for them without having to convert files or install new programs.
  • ExpressThermo Package Instead of iButton Typer
    • ExpressThermo Package provides everything you need to start logging data
    • Includes: A license key for ExpressThermo by Eclo.  The software can be downloaded from the Windows StoreDS9490R USB to 1-Wire® adapter, and  DS1402-DR8+ probe with coiled cord for connecting the Thermochron®or Hygrochron® to the LinkUSB.
  • 1-Wire Viewer, an open source software for viewing iButton® information.


Types of iButtons

Data Loggers:

Data loggers are a type of iButton that track changes in environmental conditions and then stores that data for later use.

  • Thermochron: iButtons designed for the logging of temperature with a range from as low as -40°C to at the most +85°C. Different Thermochrons are designed for different temperature ranges.
  • Hygrochron
    • In addition to the functionalities of the Thermochron, the Hygrochron adds humidity sensing to the iButton. The humidity data it stores is relative humidity, it will show humidity changes over time.


Our Memory iButtons are rugged memory storage devices, more durable and more versatile than most data storage devices.

  • EEprom
    • Designed to store data, the EEprom is prefect for shuttling data in a protective enclosure. All drivers that are needed to get started using EEprom are available for a free download.
    • Different than the EEprom, the NVRAM tracks progress, records logging types, and stores calibration constants within a 1-Wire System.

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