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Drumroll Please for New Teammates!

iButtonLink, LLC is very pleased to announce our new teammates that will be joining our company starting this summer. New Accounting Team Member! Will comes to us on a professor’s recommendation from UW-Whitewater. Will started out his summer with a 10 day trip to Italy before joining our accounting team. He is receiving a bachelor's degree in Accounting from UW-Whitewater at the end of the summer, and a master's degree at the end of the next academic year! He also says he looks to being able to gain in-field experience while also continuing his education to keep his skills sharp...  - Read More

NASA: iButtons Return to ISS

Our Continued Partnership Image from the International Space Station Picture by NASA Our iButtons have returned to orbit aboard the International Space Station. Launched on April 2nd, our iButtons are being used in the newest Fruit Fly Lab experiment, having also been used in the first two Fruit Fly Labs as well. The Fruit Fly Labs (or FFL) are designed to monitor the effects of gravity on fruit flies because of the similarity of the fruit fly's genome and human genome. The sensitivity as such research requires precise measurement of the experiment's environment so variables in the experiment are reduced. By placing the Hygrochron iButtons..  - Read More

State of the Sensor Address

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) awarded iButtonLink, LLC the Wisconsin Fast Forward grant to contract up to $38,603 to train up to seven incumbent workers and four new hires in auditing and lead times for the International Standardization Organizations certification. iButtonLink was recently mentioned during Gov. Scott Walker's State of the State address. Gov. Walker is quoted saying "In fact, more people are working in Wisconsin than ever before – people like Brooke and Cliff from Agnesian HealthCare in Fond du Lac and Sarah from IButtonLink Technology in Whitewater. Brooke, Cliff, and Sarah all became employed through our Wisconsin Fast..  - Read More

Smart Manufacturing and Process Innovation

Our products are becoming more complex, and manufacturers are creating a smarter way to keep up. Smarter manufacturing leads to an increase in the speed in which we can produce and the quality manufacturers can ensure. Factories are no longer just conveyor belts for assembly but rather hubs of innovation covered in diagnostical tools to ensure everything is running smoothly. If you walk a plant floor you'll notice that touch screens and data loggers are starting to catch up in terms of numbers with levers and switches. Sensors now dot factories, providing critical data that ensures that manufacturer's complex machines are running efficiently and that..  - Read More

Recognizing PLTW's Impact

Education is the foundation of our modern world. The sharing of ideas and information are fostered in our classrooms where children take their first step into the real world. A newer movement in education is towards Science and Technology focused curriculum's for younger children, engaging them at an early age so as to start developing 21st Century skills earlier on in their educational development.One such group that is taking an initiative to help students and teachers find a way to engage more in Science and Technology is Project Lead the Way, or PLTW. Project Lead the Way helps teachers develop..  - Read More

The Importance of a Sensor

Sustainability's Growing Role In our increasingly energy-reliant society, there is an increasing demand to lower our demand for resources. Our demand for resources has lead to a "sustainability" movement where the demand for green products and services are becoming more important. There has always been a demand for a product or service to be sustainable. We've wanted our products to last, we wanted programs we've funded to survive beyond an initial investment, and we wanted our services and institutions to survive and continue their purpose no matter their funding. This has expanded now, growing to become a demand for all..  - Read More

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