iButtonLink Quality Policy Statement

The Quality Policy Statement outlines the overall quality objectives of iButtonLink.  The Quality Policy Statement is reviewed annually during the Management Review process.

The Quality Manual documents the policies and procedures necessary to carry out the Quality Policy.

Policy:  iButtonLink provides accurate calibration services and high quality products for remote sensing and data collection.  We maintain impartiality and confidentiality for our clients.  We strive to meet all requirements and to continually improve.


We achieve these goals by:

  1. Commitment by management and staff to provide high quality products and excellent service to our customers:
    • Calibrations and manufacturing is performed in accordance with standard operating procedures, Quick Response Manufacturing methodologies, and the client’s requirements. Any exceptions that may jeopardize quality are clearly communicated to the client.
    • A quality system based on ISO 17025.
    • Continuous improvement of our management system.
    • All services provided with impartiality and confidentiality.
  2. Our standards are:
    • Meet the client’s quality and accuracy requirements.
    • Meet agreed upon dock dates and all other quoted lead times.
    • Satisfy the client.
  3. Personnel:
    • All personnel are familiar with this Quality Policy and apply it in the workplace.
    • All personnel are provided with the knowledge, training, and tools to implement the Quality Policy in the workplace.