iButtonLink is more than just a web store. In fact, most of our sales are business-to-business purchase orders. Whether you are looking for an experienced creator of custom products or a reliable sensor vendor for scheduled releases, you can count on iButtonLink to cover your business-related needs. 


iButtonLink has been in business for over ten years. During that time, we've become an Authorized Solution Developer for both 1-Wire and iButton products. What this means for you is that iButtonLink has the expertise to create innovative tools and solutions for both 1-Wire and iButtons. Some of our solutions include the iButtonKeyboard, the Typer family, and the LinkUSB family

We also spent over two years working on achieving ISO 17025 accreditation for calibration, which we received in April 2018. You can check out our scope of accreditation here, and read more about our calibration services here

Another thing we are experts in is fast service. Our just-in-time manufacturing process allows us to build products quickly and efficiently, while our fantastic shipping team makes sure you get your products as soon as you can.   

Custom Products and Confidentiality 

One of the things we love to do is create custom products for our customers; it accounts for over half of our business. Mid to small volumes of custom products work best for us, but we are always willing to listen to any idea, even if it is high volume. 

We unfortunately can't tell you every company we've worked with to create custom solutions because of confidentiality. Instead, here is a list of projects we've worked on that show our capabilities: 

  • Sensors in over 5 million square feet of IBM data centers. Thanks to IBM for allowing us to share!  
  • A custom iButton Typer for a Fortune 100 multinational company 
  • First commercialization of multiple sensors from a Fortune 100 research division 
  • Sensors for detailed airflow and temperature analysis for a major data center provider 
  • Sensors to reduce grain drying costs for a Canadian company 
  • Customized corrosion sensors for multiple customers 
  • Implementation of a 1-Wire-based multidrop sensor solution to work in an environment with high electrical noise in more than 1,0000 facilities 
  • 1-Wire master solutions deployed in the Arctic tundra about 1 meter above the surface, withstanding wind and weather for multiple seasons 

Sound like something you're interested in? Email us at info@ibuttonlink.com and we can get the ball rolling.

As for confidentiality, we are pleased to keep your communications and purchases confidential under the terms of an NDA. If that is something you want, please send us your standard NDA for quick approval. If you don't have a standard NDA, email us at info@ibuttonlink.com and we would be happy to provide one. 


Purchase Orders, Terms, and Payment Options  

We would be delighted to take your purchase order. Our favorites are scheduled (release) purchase orders with multiple delivery dates. Any and all types of purchase orders should be sent to info@ibuttonlink.com

Net 30 terms are available with credit approval for many businesses. Let us know you would like terms, and we will issue a credit check. We also have Net 30 terms available for universities. 

Wondering how you can pay? We accept the following payment types: 

  • Company checks with terms
  • Credit card
  • ACH
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal (website only)

Unlike some other businesses, we don't charge extra for payments made by credit card or wire transfer. 


Our pricing can all be found on our website, but we are more than happy to provide you with a formal quote. Send an email to info@ibuttonlink.com with the items and quantities you would like quoted. 

For all purchase order-based orders, please send us your estimated annual usage (EAU) so that we can match you with the best pricing tier for your volume. 


Typically, we quote purchase orders as EXW or DAP, depending on the customer's needs. For DAP orders, we quote our actual shipping charges. We can also quote other Incoterms as needed. 

Orders from our website ship Incoterms DAP. In some cases, we offer promotional website shipping prices that are not available via a purchase order. We can also drop ship your orders anywhere in the world!

Most orders ship the same day or the next business day. Our just-in-time manufacturing allows us to receive your order and get it on its way to you the moment our production team is done with it.

For orders within the United States, we use the US Postal Service to get your sensors to you as soon as possible. International orders are shipped using free DHL shipping and we can ship to almost any country in the world.


US Sales Tax 

For purchases that ship to a USA address, we have nexus for sales taxes in Wisconsin. If you are shipping to a Wisconsin address or your business has nexus in Wisconsin, we add sales tax unless we have received a completed Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption

iButtonLink does not have nexus in other states and will not charge sales tax in other states unless prevailing law changes.


iButtonLink does not have operations outside of the United States of America. We are not registered for V.A.T. in the EU or in any other area of the world. You may be charged separately for V.A.T. by the shipping company involved. 


NAFTA/Country of Origin

We can complete any NAFTA or product origin paperwork needed. Products we manufacture in-house qualify as "Made in the USA with foreign and domestic components." Many of the products that we resell, such as iButtons, do not have a USA country of origin. 


RoHS compliance information can be found at the bottom of product webpages, where there is a link to a RoHS certificate, if applicable. Most products we sell are compliant, but some are compliant by exception and at least one is non-compliant. We are happy to generate a RoHS Compliance certificate specifically for your business, if needed. Please contact us with any questions or concerns at info@ibuttonlink.com

Conflict Minerals 

iButtonLink is small enough to be exempted from conflict minerals reporting by Dodd-Frank. However, we know that you may need a report from us anyways. We will be happy to complete any reasonable conflict minerals requirement as needed for your regulatory reporting. Please contact us at info@ibuttonlink.com and let us know you need a conflict minerals report. 


iButtonLink is small enough to be exempted from REACH reporting. However, we know that may still need a report from us anyways. We are happy to complete any reasonable REACH reporting requirements as needed for your regulatory reporting. Please contact us at info@ibuttonlink.com and let us know you need a REACH report. 


iButtonLink does not have nexus in the EU and we are not registered for WEE. If you wish to purchase our products and need WEE registrations, please purchase from one of our authorized distributors. Please contact us at info@ibuttonlink.com for assistance in finding the best distributor for your needs.