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Temperature sensors from iButtonLink 

Below are our temperature sensors listed by interface. Each collection below has different sensing capabilities. Our wired and wireless sensors are some of the best on the market being low-power, durable and long lasting. Our sensors have served companies large and small in industries worldwide. For more information on software or accessories, please view each collection, or contact Sales at


Our 1-Wire temperature family has a broad list of sensors from our T-Family to the MultiSensor family. Our 1-Wire molding for the T-Probes, T-String and T-Senses are done with OM633 from Macromelt mixture, sealed for a high IP rating. Many of our 1-Wire sensors are equipped with an DS18B20 Digital Thermometer, which is our most popular 1-Wire sensor. Here are our 1-Wire collections: 


iButtonLink produces an innovative wireless sensor line that can expand sensor design through flexible implementation. The wireless, SmartMesh BlueMotes are powered by WirelessHart technology which has great features including self-healing networks, low-power battery consumption and can be implemented over hundreds of feet. You can also find wireless sensing options for Humidity and Air Flow. Here are our temperature options for our wireless BlueMotes:

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