In addition to the sensors themselves, iButtonLink also offers ISO 17025 accredited temperature calibrations for temperature sensors, including DS18B20s, Si7021s, and temperature logging iButtons.

What are the benefits of getting my temperature sensors calibrated?

When iButtonLink calibrates your sensors, we make them more accurate. With an uncertainty of +/- 0.02°C, iButtonLink has one of the best temperature calibrations available on the market. 

Why choose an accredited calibration

When you choose an accredited calibration, the sensors will become part of a chain of traceability back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), so there is no doubt that you're getting quality.

You will also receive a certificate for each sensor that you have calibrated detailing the points it was calibrated at, the method used, the date calibrated, and which one of our approved calibration technicians calibrated your sensors.

Which sensors can I get calibrated? 

Members of the T-Probe family and the T-Sense, which contain a DS18B20, can be calibrated.* 

The following iButtons can be calibrated as well: 

What format will I get the certificates in?

You will get a physical copy of the calibration certificate with an hand-written ink signature from the certified calibration technician. The certificates will be printed and shipped to you with your sensors. 

    How long does the calibration process take? 

    This process usually takes three business days, but it subject to change depending on the number of sensors in the order and other orders in the queue. 


    *Due to the time it would take to recalibrate individual products, we cannot recalibrate products that feature DS18B20s, such as T-Probes and T-Senses.