SS-Corrosion 9002c

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SS-Corrosion 9002c Overview

SS-Corrosion 9002c is an ultra-sensitive, real-time corrosion sensor built to provide immediate insight into the rate of metal corrosion in a particular environment. Designed in coordination with IBM Research, the corrosion sensor was originally tasked with determining corrosion levels in data center environments and the impact that corrosion had on electronics.

The 9002c works by measuring the deterioration of ultra-thin silver and copper wafers and provides a total wafer thickness in nanometers as its output. These metals are particularly helpful to monitor because of their sensitivity to common environmental pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide (SO2 and NO2). They're also some of the most common metals used in all electronics, from servers and computers to control systems and high-tech infrastructure.

Unlike standard wall-mounted coupons that only provide corrosion insights over weeks or months, the 9002c can deliver precise measurements, in minutes, without costly laboratory analysis. By utilizing fast feedback, customers like IBM have been able to adjust hardware and operations to protect critical hardware and improve operational efficiency.

Using the SS-Corrosion 9002c


The 9002c uses 1-Wire Protocol to communicate with your computer using a 1-Wire Master. This device will also provide 5V of power to the unit.


We offer a Perl Script that can be used to fetch data from the sensor upon request.


Operating Parameters

Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum  Notes
Power input
5V 12V 24V
1-Wire Vraw voltage supply
External Power Connector  RJ-45 Part of 1- Wire RJ-45 Standard
Operating Temperature
0 25 50
Operating Humidity
20 50 80 Non-condensing


Sensor Specifications

Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum  Notes
Corrosion resolution


Coupon metal thickness change
Corrosion accuracy


Product Details

Part Number
None, external power
Internal Sensors
Silver Corrosion, Copper Corrosion, Temperature
Maximum Corrosion Range 900nm
Environmental Seals Elements must be exposed to airflow to allow for proper measurement. No environmental seals

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