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T-Probe sensors provide a simple way to measure temperature using 1-Wire.  All T-Probes are based on the DS18B20 temperature sensor from Maxim.  The models differ in the format of the sensing head, the type of cable, and the connector used.

The newest addition to the family is the T-Probe-Pipe, pictured above, which can be tie wrapped to a pipe to provide a simple and effective way to measure the temperatures of pipes, exhaust venting, and air ducts.

T-Probes with NIST traceable certifications and custom T-Probes and  with specific wiring, wire lengths, connectors, labeling, and head shape are all available for larger volumes.  Custom products made in the past have included:

  • Specific length and termination with NIST traceable certificate for monitoring of refrigeration environments.
  • Specific wire with bare lead termination and customized labeling for monitoring in convenience stores.
  • Customized sealed head for monitoring water temperatures.

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