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The T-String is an 8-foot sensor string that features 5 DS18B20 sensors spaced at 1-foot intervals. Terminating in an RJ-45 connector 3 feet from the first sensor, this unique temperature sensor also has a DS2431 memory device that identifies the position of each sensor, starting from the sensor closest to the DS2431.

The PVC-coated cable consists of 1 pair CAT-5E constructions with pins one and three of the DS18B20 sensor tied together to form the ground/return line. Pin two is the data line and is brought directly to the connector. The cable is rated for temperatures up to 60°C (140°F).

Each DS18B20 board is mounted on a small printed circuit board and covered by our low-pressure molding process. The upper half of the sensor is left uncovered, allowing for response times similar to a bare sensor. Our molding process makes the sensors highly weather resistant. A waterproof version is coming soon.  

iButtonLink can customize a T-String to suit any need, from length to number of sensors to sensor spacing to cable termination. Please contact for a quote. 

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