A Novel New Ultra-low Power Industrial Strength Wireless Device

from iButtonLink and Jointly Developed with IBM Research

The BlueMote™ by iButtonLink was jointly developed with and hailed by IBM Research as a, “novel wireless sensing platform”.  Originally developed for IBM smarter planet solutions, BlueMote™ is now available to the public and only from iButtonLink.


Product Possibilities

Some main advantages of using BlueMote™ are to give you, as a facility manager, a single reliable and flexible wireless sensor network.  Gain confidence knowing you can move sensors freely and easily without affecting the network (self-healing), therefore removing the limitations of a permanent wired installation.  BlueMote™ is designed to fit any facility’s size requirements.

Access to Accessibility

A BlueMote™ automatically connects with other BlueMotes™ to create a full-scale wireless mesh network.  This wireless mesh network connects to a single access point (gateway).  BlueMotes™ use SmartMesh "triple-play" network intelligence to create an auto-forming, self-healing, and self-sustaining network.

The BlueMote™ SmartMesh network means that network design and sensor relocation is simple and secure.  Additionally, you do not have to worry about the loss of data or network reliability if a BlueMote™ goes down. The BlueMotes™ use two easily replaceable AA batteries for easy maintenance and increased uptime.  

Intelligent Insight

The combination of IBM Research innovation and iButtonLink sensor expertise creates an untethered wireless solution fit for any facility. The BlueMote™ solution is a single piece of a larger data center environmental monitoring solution available from iButtonLink. This software, called Measurement and Management Technology (MMT), is available to the public through a Technology Licensing Agreement between iButtonLink and IBM Research.

MMT provides you with a virtual 3D view of the full environmental layout inside of your facility.  By taking advantage of the data from MMT, you can create a more effective placement of your BlueMotes™ and attached sensors.  Additionally, MMT adjustment recommendations have been proven to reduce a facility’s energy consumption by an unprecedented average of 12% in IBM data centers.  Having automated alerts available in MMT gives you foresight on critical moments in an application’s lifetime. Understanding an application timeline can help elongate hardware lifetimes.

Current Confidence

iButtonLink BlueMote™ devices are currently installed and monitoring over 4 million ft2 of IBM Data Center space.  The BlueMote can fit any facility space with various sensing abilities, such as temperature, humidity, airflow, corrosion, and much more.

If you would like to find out more about this new novel industrial-strength wireless device and/or inquire about MMT, please feel free to contact or call iButtonLink at 262-662-4029.

Currently available BlueMote™ configurations include:

BlueMote™ Internal TH - External 1C1T - Coming soon! 

BlueMote™ Internal PTH - External 1T

BlueMote™ External 1T1T

BlueMote™ Internal F - External 1T1T

BlueMote™ External 2T2T

Single Access Gateway Device

BlueMote™ Gateway