Our Continued Partnership

Image from aboard the ISS

Image from the International Space Station

Picture by NASA

Our iButtons have returned to orbit aboard the International Space Station. Launched on April 2nd, our iButtons are being used in the newest Fruit Fly Lab experiment, having also been used in the first two Fruit Fly Labs as well.

The Fruit Fly Labs (or FFL) are designed to monitor the effects FFB (Fruit Fly Box) and enclosure orientationof gravity on fruit flies because of the similarity of the fruit fly's genome and human genome. The sensitivity as such research requires precise measurement of the experiment's environment so variables in the experiment are reduced. By placing the Hygrochron iButtons within the FFB (Fruit Fly Box), NASA can monitor both the temperature and humidity of the enclosure.

FFL-02 was the previous study where scientists monitored how micro-gravity effected the cardio-vascular system. The latest experiment our iButtons are being implemented, FFL-03, will be monitoring the effects of the immune system. Scientists from NASA are especially interested in how spaceflight has an affect on the relationship of pathogens and their hosts.

FFL-03 Mission Patch

To watch the video of the SpaceX launch that brought the iButtons into space click here.