Education is the foundation of our modern world. The sharing of ideas and information are fostered in our classrooms where children take their first step into the real world. A newer movement in education is towards Science and Technology focused curriculum's for younger children, engaging them at an early age so as to start developing 21st Century skills earlier on in their educational development.

One such group that is taking an initiative to help students and teachers find a way to engage more in Science and Technology is Project Lead the Way, or PLTW. Project Lead the Way helps teachers develop lesson plans that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics. The range of topics is vast, from projects for early elementary school students on plant life to large manufacturing projects for graduating high schools where entire vehicles are constructed.

iButtonLink recognizes the great stuff teachers are implementing in the classroom. The need for engineers in the workforce is great, and iButtonLink is grateful for the engineering team it has. The training of tomorrow's engineers and scientists is vital, and to show it supports iButtonLink is committed to helping STEM programs. Whether it's providing a DS1922T iButton, a DS1922E iButton, a DS9490R USB 1-Wire® Adaptor, and a DS1402-RP8 probe to the development of a student program developing an all-electric formula one car, or working with UW-Whitewater Students to provide them research opportunities with our Corrosion Sensors at our office at the UW-W Innovation Center, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for students.