Racing Towards New Horizons

Earlier this month, iButtonLink agreed to become a sponsor for the Aristotle University Racing Team Electric from Thessaloniki, Greece. Always eager to help student projects, we donated a DS1922T iButton, a DS1922E iButton, a DS9490R USB 1-Wire® Adaptor, and a DS1402-RP8 probe to their Formula 1 team. With these tools, the Aristurtle team will be able to monitor the temperature of their car’s batteries, making sure that the driver, the car, and the team stays safe.

iButtonLink is excited to help the Aristurtle team and be part of their sponsor family. We look forward to working with them more and helping them achieve their goals! 



Read their story below!  

"We are Aristotle University Racing Team Electric or, in short, Aristurtle. We are a Formula Student team from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and we manufactured the first electric single-seated racing car in Northern Greece. Our purpose is to manufacture a racing car conforming to formula student rules in order to participate in the international competitions.

"Even though we are a relatively newly founded team (we count only 3 and a half years of action), we have already participated in 3 Formula Student competitions: Formula Student Italy ATA 2014, where we participated as a class 3 team and gained the 4th place in general classification; Formula Student UK 2015 as a class 2 team and won the 3rd place in the overall standings; and last summer in Formula
Student Hungary 2016 where we participated for the first time with a manufactured car as a class 1 team.

"At this moment, we are manufacturing our second racing car in order to participate in the 2017’s season competitions this summer. It is a car with monocoque chassis and two electric motors. Each of the motors is attached on one of the two back wheels and is powered from a pack of 216 li-po batteries organized in 7 segments. This array gives an overall output voltage of 400Vdc.

"All that we do is about good-engineering-design-processes and our first priority is the safety of our drivers and anyone close to our car. This is exactly what the rules of FSAE ensure. For this purpose, we need to monitor the temperature in our accumulator container, where the batteries are placed, isolated and protected from whatever may come in contact. Even though there is an air cooling system settled into the container that ensures low temperatures, we should know the temperature of the hottest cell at any time. To do this, we have placed an iButton for temperature logging into one of the segments that assemble our power source. As you can see in the picture, it is placed just above the middle cell of the segment. This is possible due to its minimal size. That way it is near the hottest point of the whole container and lets us review and use these measurements after every run of our car."

–Loupos Grigoris, marketing management and design for Aristurtle.


iButton placement on the battery cells

The car using our iButtons

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