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Racing Towards New Horizons

Earlier this month, iButtonLink agreed to become a sponsor for the Aristotle University Racing Team Electric from Thessaloniki, Greece. Always eager to help student projects, we donated a DS1922T iButton, a DS1922E iButton, a DS9490R USB 1-Wire® Adaptor, and a DS1402-RP8 probe to their Formula 1 team. With these tools, the Aristurtle team will be able to monitor the temperature of their car’s batteries, making sure that the driver, the car, and the team stays safe. iButtonLink is excited to help the Aristurtle team and be part of their sponsor family. We look forward to working with them more and..  - Read More

Atmospheric Corrosion Sensors Fabrication

Who cares about corrosion caused by the atmosphere?We get asked that question a lot when we talk about our new corrosion sensor that are just finishing private test.  The answer is quite a lot of people.The gasses in the atmosphere eat away at metals. This can be bad, especially for computers. Very bad.  It’s such a big deal that ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.) have written standards about how much metal can be corroded away from computers if you expect them to keep working for a long time. You see, in large data centers, as one..  - Read More

What art thou sensor?

We have sensors all over the world doing some of the most amazing jobs.  Here are some of the interesting applications our sensors support.     Monitoring data center air flow, humidity, and temperature allowing huge savings for data center operators. Monitoring freezers in convenience stores (over 5,000 installations) to make sure the freezers are at the correct temperature and that the food is safe to eat. Monitoring the temperature of permafrost in Alaska to make sure homes won't sink. Logging the temperature of pallets of food during long voyages. Determining if circus workers are giving games away or pocketing..  - Read More

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