DS1990A-F5+ iButton 64 bit ROM

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The DS1990A-F5+ provides a guaranteed unique ID in a small iButton® form. This iButton can be used as a key in access control systems, inventory control applications, work-in-progress tracking, or other applications that require a low-cost, reliable method of validating identification.

There are many creative uses for this iButton and some that we have seen include:

  • A key in a nursing home with many door connected with a single 1-Wire bus using our LinkLocator product to identify the door being accessed,
  • To start carnival games so that user IDs may be tracked back to cash boxes, eliminating theft
  • A key for our own data center
  • Guard tour devices mounted on walls or other locations using the DS9093S button mount.

For more information on this product, please refer to the DS1990A-F5+ data sheet.

If you have an application requiring a unique physical ID for a user or location, please contact us to discuss how to use this product.

If you are order iButtons® and fobs, please know that they will come separately unless you also order the iButton® Machines Insertion with them for EACH pair

Want to learn more about how iButtonLink can work with your business? Check out our Business to Business page! 

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