Enabling a new viewer software can be overbearing if you’re unfamiliar with the landscape ahead.  With this guide, we hope to direct you through the start up of 1-Wire® Viewer using a free software from Maxim Integrated.  Bringing together the right pieces, and following this guide, you’ll be able to read temperature in mere minutes*.  To start, here’s what you’ll need:



-Viewer Software


For our example, we’ll be using our LinkUSB (master), a T-Probe (sensor), and Maxim’s 1-Wire® Viewer Software which can be downloaded here  free.  To start, put your LinkUSB and T-Probe together via the RJ45 interface.  From there, using the USB interface of the LinkUSB, insert the USB into your computer’s USB port.  Now we will move to the Viewer Software.

After downloading the software and having the appropriate files readied, open “Default 1-Wire Net.exe”.  Through this program, you can select the “Auto-Detect” option and it will present you with the port/com number of your LinkUSB.  This number is important to starting the Viewer Software, so retain it somewhere for a moment.

Close out of the Default program and open the “OneWireViewer.exe”.  From its opening it will ask for a specific port/com number, the one you retained should be used for this.  After entering in the correct number, it will ask you to select the response rate.  Once you select this, the Viewer window should be open.  Just select the unique ID of your sensor (in our case the T-Probe) on the top left of the column and the live readings will be presented on the graph.  Remember this guide only takes you through the steps of opening the 1-Wire® Viewer and viewing the live results.  For more information on missioning iButtons®, saving data from the software or many of the other features please come back to our Sensor Blog for more.

For any questions or more information on what was just shown, please contact or chat with us.

*NOTE: This guide will only take users through the steps of opening and reading live results of their sensor network.