Earlier this year we talked about how easy it is for our experienced team to produce customized products for clients. Routinely we shape, mold, or tweak products to meet customer specifications. We have had many different examples of customization techniques over the years. Some of those examples have included:

-Custom Molding, including molded logos or special molds

-Cable & Wire Length

-Custom Cable Color

-Interface Customization

-Design Specification, including additions to our already built product

This shortlist is only a snapshot of what we have done with many of our customers. What should excite our prospective clients is that we have made many strides in becoming a flexible sensor company, including special projects with over 10 customers in 2014 alone. We invite any solution request by our customers, not matter how big or small. Take a look at these photos of customized products from recent client requests. 

Colored Cabling for our T-Probe 

Shielded T-Sense

Customized Cases for our SS-WALL-TH


Bonus pictures of our MakerBot capabilities. 


For inquiries on how we can solve your sensor needs, please contact our sales team, info@ibuttonlink.com