Opportunities are blooming here at iButtonLink. Recently our staff has created a partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to help educated teachers and students on innovative research practices and also current business strategy. Our team will be showcasing our talents to faculty, staff, and students over the next academic year. Our hope is to collaborate on projects in and out of the classroom combining areas of R&D and business practice. Over the course of the year we will be documenting our partnership and covering it all here, so please check back for great updates on what we're doing outside of the office. 


Our first trip took us to Winther Hall. Generally known as the education building, faculty and staff from the College of Education and Professional Studies joined us for demonstrations on our 3-D Printer. Our own David Hickey and Rob Olson were on hand talking to teachers and staff about this new and innovative technology. David explain while 3-D printing is not a new technology in the world, now that has become a refined product companies are using them all over the world to build anything from box casings to houses. University faculty expressed interest in purchasing a 3-D printer for the new Innovation Center, and we believe this sealed the deal for them. Many were in amazement of what our small MakerBot could do in just 20 minutes. We hope that this first encounter with the university will begin a fruitful partnership that will last. We will soon be visiting again, and more coverage of events to come. 


For more information on our products, solutions, or general inquiries please contact info@ibuttonlink.com. Check back for frequent updates over the next few months.