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DataLogger Family

Types of DataLogger

With our new product family, iButtonlink is bringing data loggers into the next generation. The applications are endless, and we plan to continue to add new configurations and layouts to prove just how versatile our new product line is.

ExactLog Functionality

The iButtonChecker is designed to work with our current iButtons and performs much like our previous Typers. However, instead of having to bring the iButtons to a computer to check their status you can bring the iButtonChecker to the iButton. Simply touch the “read head” to the iButton and a status will be stated, data will then be logged on the DataLogger. A solid green will light up if the iButton is already running a mission; a green led will flash if the DataLogger starts a mission on an iButton; if the logger fails a red LED will flash. The DataLogger will also log the data and time of when the iButton was read along with that iButton’s serial number.



*Running List of DataLogger Types and Configurations*

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