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This multi-use 1-Wire®-based sensor can be embedded into walls or fixtures to monitor temperature and humidity using the simple insert design. The case has a threaded wall holder that can be screwed into drywall with a few twists, allowing the sensor body to slide in and be almost flush with the wall. A small opening in the front allows the sensor to measure the temperature and humidity; this opening should never be covered or filled. The sensor comes with pre-stripped 18-gauge wires for easy connection using wire nuts.

This version of the SS-WALL-TH includes the case. If you would like a caseless version, please see the SS-WALL-TH

The SS-Wall-C-TH uses iButtonLink smart sensor technology to embed a microprocessor into a 1-Wire® sensor, which gives the product more accurate sensing abilities than in other 1-Wire® humidity sensor designs.

The sensor has a maximum operating temperature range of -40°C to +50°C. The +50°C is due to the PLA plastic case, which may deform at high temperatures. 

The SS-WALL-C-TH has a typical accuracy of ±0.3 and a maximum error of ±0.5. 

The SS-WALL-C-TH does not mask error conditions. The reported value of the sensor is passed on even if the value is out of the expected range. This feature is to allow error conditions to be detected. However, it can lead to results that do not appear to make sense. 

The sensor will work in 0 – 100% relative humidity (non-condensing). While the sensor does have a HDPE cover to protect it from occasional condensation, exposure to frequent condensation is not recommended. The humidity sensor’s accuracy is typically minimum ±2% and max ±3.5% from 0 – 80% RH, with a max error of ±5% above 80% RH.

Like all silicon-based humidity sensors, the SS-WALL-TH does drift over time, and can be adversely affected by continuous exposure to very humid or very dry environments. However, the low maximum drift of 0.5% RH per year allows the sensor to be used for a longer time than other silicon sensors before calibration or testing.

For more information on the SS-WALL-C-TH Temperature and Humidity Sensor, please visit the SS-WALL-TH user manual or the SS-WALL-TH specification manual.

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