T-Probe CalAmp MicroFit 25 ft

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This variation on the T-Probe contains a DS18B20 and runs off of parasitic power with two wire connections: one for both power and data, and the other  for grounding. The 25 ft cable is a 4-conductor CAT-5 E and is molded to the sensor using a low-temperature thermoplastic for a sturdy joint.

The sensor head is left exposed, which allows for quick and accurate temperature readings. The cable terminates with a 2-pin male Molex connector.

The cable is insulated with PVC that has a temperature range of up to +60⁰C*. The sensor itself has a temperature range of -55⁰C to +125⁰C that is supported by the molding media.

A full spec sheet including temperature response and settling times for the DS18B20 can be found here.

*Please contact us if a high temperature cable is needed.

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