T-ProbeM - Temperature Sensor with 24 inch Cable

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The T-ProbeM™ has a 24 inch cable containing a twisted pair of stranded 18-gauge wires. The T-ProbeM™ uses a DS18B20 sensor with a unique 16 digit address number. Pins one (ground) and three (Vdd) of the DS18B20 are connected together internally. The bar code on the unit is printed in reverse to match the Cisco Mediator™ sensor definition.

Unlike other T-Probes, the T-ProbeM™ has only two wires available for connection: the data line and grounding. Other than that, the T-ProbeM™ is the same as a standard T-Probe™.

The T-Sense manual can be used to find information on accuracy range and more.

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This product is RoHS compliant.

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