T-Probe-20 ft-1 - Temperature Sensor with 20 foot cable

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This 20 ft temperature sensor cable works with all Link and LinkHub interfaces, as well as with AEM systems. The RJ-45 connector comes standard, but it can be removed and replaced with a different connection if needed. The T-Probe can also be hard-wired into the bus.  Weight, power, RFI, etc. of the cable will determine the 1-Wire bus criteria.

The lower-third of the sensing unit itself is enclosed by our low-pressure molding machine, using OM633 from Macromelt. The cable is insulated with PVC that has a temperature range of up to +60 degrees Celsius. Please contact the factory if a high temperature cable is needed. The sensor has a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C that is supported by the molding media.The T-Probe has been rated IPx6/IPx7

All three of the DS18B20 leads are brought straight through the RJ-45 connector, giving the user full access to the DS18B20. The pin assignments follow our standard. The female end of the RJ-45 connector should look like the following:

Pin 1 = +5 volt return (unused)
Pin 2 = +5 volts (Vdd) Orange wire
Pin 3 = Aux return (unused)
Pin 4 = 1-Wire® data Blue wire
Pin 5 = 1-Wire® return Blue and White wire
Pin 6 = Aux (unused)
Pin 7 = +12 volts (unused)
Pin 8 = +12 volts return (unused)  

Looking into the male end of the connector, the user should see only one pin on the right side.

Temperature response, settling times, and a full spec sheet of the DS18B20 can be found in Appendix One of the T-Sense manual.

Custom cable lengths are available. Minimum order quantity is 25. Please contact the factory for price and delivery.

Unsure of how to use this product? Check out our How-To: T-Probe page! 

This product is RoHS compliant.

Want to learn more about how iButtonLink can work with your business? Check out our Business to Business page! 

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