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USB Data Logger

The next generation of sensors. Without forgetting the past.

Within the new USB DataLogger 's small housing hides a smarter sensor system and an endless number of potential applications. To improve our sensor solutions we designed our new USB DataLogger with modern amenities like a USB connector, an efficient battery, and sustainable materials.

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The case of the USB DataLogger is constructed from MacroMelt. The materials are also durable enough to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C. And up to 50% of the raw materials used in the creation of MacroMelt come from vegetable oil which is more sustainable than some other types of plastic molding.  MacroMelt is also RoHS certified so you know that the environment you're monitoring won't be harmed by the materials you use to monitor it.

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The USB DataLogger uses a Silego board that is new to iButtonLink LLC. This new layout allows us to put more sensors on a board and configure each sensor to a specific users needs. 

The USB DataLogger is priced like an iButton, but it offers way more. Traditionally, iButtons have required not only specific iButtons for specific jobs, but they also required readers and supporting hardware in order to mission and log the data. The USB DataLogger doesn't require any of that. We can attach the sensors that you want so that you can customize it to your needs. It also doesn't need hardware in order to get the data off the device. Simply plug in a USB cord and you can pull data right onto your computer.

iButton Integration. Combining the new with the old.

One configuration of the USB DataLogger is designed with an iButton Reader Header [hyperlink to product page] allowing for easy integration into any sensor solution that's already in place. Simply place the read head onto an iButton and an LED will light up to indicate the status of the iButton. It can also be configured to log data from the iButton to show who checked the iButton, when it was checked, and the condition of the iButton (such as temperature or humidity) at the time it was checked.

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