Before your sensor is packaged and shipped to you, we do a 5-step quality check to ensure that you are only receiving sensors that work properly and are damage-free. We want you to have quality working products, and this is a way to make sure you get the most out of your sensors.

We check: 

  • Battery Life and Operation - When iButtons are manufactured, each iButton is run through a tuning process that uses part of the battery life. We check every iButton to make sure that this process didn't lower the battery life below the published specifications. 
  • Clock and Timing - After the battery, the iButton clock is the component most likely to fail. Our 5-step quality check makes sure that the clock is working properly. 
  • Mission Configuration - Our expert technicians will start a mission on your iButtons to ensure that everything is running properly and then will stop the mission. 
  • Data Storage -  We retrieve the data gathered from the short mission in the previous step to ensure that the memory of your iButton is working correctly. 
  • Sensor Operation - The sensor data is read and checked so that we know your iButton is working. 

Of course, all iButtons are checked at manufacture by the manufacturer. We want to give you the additional peace of mind that you are only getting iButtons that are in the best shape possible for you to use. 

 Please contact us for more information.