Whitewater, Wisconsin, May 12th, 2015 – iButtonLink (www.ibuttonlink.com) today announced the release of a corrosion monitoring solution using unique algorithms and solutions including technology licensed from IBM.

IBM Research brings years of experience in real-time corrosion sensing, providing rate comparison to industry standards to ensure acceptable air quality to meet product life specifications. The combination of IBM Research innovation and iButtonLink sensor expertise yields a highly sensitive near real-time corrosion monitoring solution that allows the safe use of external cooling.

iButtonLink has developed customized sensor solutions since 2002 and has worked with IBM Research since 2008 on collaborative initiatives to ensure acceptable air quality, support reliable product operation, and extend the life of technical systems. iButtonLink and IBM continue to work together to develop corrosion monitoring technologies that can be deployed in a variety of facilities. All solutions are manufactured by iButtonLink in the United States.

The corrosion monitoring solution provides a near real-time view of the impact of corrosion compounds in the atmosphere. The sensor network detects the effects of gases—such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide—on electronics. Corrosion monitoring integrates with the iButtonLink Data Center Environment Monitoring Solution to produce visual mapping of corrosion in the environment. iButtonLink’s system is more sensitive, providing faster response time than other solutions available on the market.

“We have produced a solution that identifies harmful elements that may cause failures and shut downs. The fast response time of the system has allowed customers to identify spikes of corrosion causing activity that are not visible on other systems. Our solution reduces our clients’ downtime—saving time and money,” stated Rob Olson, CEO of iButtonLink,

“The Corrosion Monitoring Solution identifies the effects of corrosion on electronics to assist clients in reducing downtime and saving energy by using outside air for cooling.” said Rob Olson, CEO of iButtonLink. “The fast response time of the system has allowed customers to identify spikes of corrosion causing activity that are not visible on other systems.”

The corrosion monitoring solution is available with wired or wireless corrosion sensors. The wired system provides a low-cost solution for smaller deployments. The low-power wireless system based on BlueMote™ technology can run up to five years on a pair of batteries. Clients can quickly and easily replace the system’s batteries and sensor coupons.

The solution, implemented in IBM data centers worldwide, is available now. Contact the iButtonLink sales team at sales@ibuttonlink.com to learn more.

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