iButtonLink keeps the environment in mind through our products and the way iButtonLink runs business.  Here are some of the things iButtonLink does to help keep us all green:

With our customers...

iButtonLink makes sensors that are used to lower energy consumption in Data Centers throughout the world.

By carefully monitoring the data iButtonLink and partner products collect or utilizing automated software iButtonLink sensors help reduce Data Center power consumption and cost across the world.

iButtonLink and partners have implemented products into millions of square feet of Data Centers resulting in an average energy savings of 12%!

iButtonLink's High Quality Sensors along with our partner's powerful software with good and/or automated management can help nearly any environment sensitive storage facility create comparable results.*

iButtonLink provides sensors that are a part of an energy management system used in thousands of convenience stores.  With iButtonLink sensors, partner software, and a couple of chain stores focused on energy savings, we're helping save the world in terms of Megawatts every year!

In our back yard and beyond...

iButtonLink has our own Solar Farm providing around 20% of iButtonLink's electricity needs.

All the products iButtonLink manufactures are ROHS compliant.

iButtonLink has a WEE directive partner in the EU helping reduce the waste generated by our products.  

iButtonLink loose packs where possible, reuses shipping boxes sent to us, and recycles whenever possible.
How can we help you get green? 

*results may vary