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Our line of Temperature Sensors each have different additions that can measure voltage, light, humidity and more. The most basic item in the Temperature Sensor line is our MS-T Temperature Sensor. With an operating range of -40 to +85 degrees C and a durable design, the MS-T is perfect for customers looking to view and measure temperature. These MS-Ts can also be daisy chained together for multiple readers on one chain. Setting this all up is very quick and similar to the T-Probe that is located here: How-To: T-Probe. 

What you'll need: (1) LinkUSB, (1) MS-T Sensor, (1) RJ45, (1) Maxim 1-Wire View Software 

Step 1: Download the 1-Wire Viewer Software

Step 2: Connect he MS-T to the LinkUSB via the RJ45 cable. 

Step 3: Connect your 1-Wire® device to your computer. (Note your Comm Port for setup.)

Step 4: Select your device and view the real-time temperature viewer. 

Easy 4 steps to reading temperature fast and accurately. Like mentioned before, these MS-Ts (and other MS products) can be daisy chained together for other readings. To better understand this product and its capabilities please visit its page here: MultiSensor Products

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