iButtonLink now offers a variety of services for customers interested in iButtons with fobs. Please contact us with question about pricing. 

iButton Fob Insertion Service:

First and foremost, we offer iButtons fobs in a variety of colors and can insert your iButtons for you using our iButton and fob assembly tool (insertion must be purchased separately from fobs and iButtons). These small plastic fobs are great for keeping your iButton with you on the go on your keyring. They’re also great for color-coding uses and locations.


Label with Serial Number Barcode:  

Whether you’re trying to assign iButtons to specific people or to specific locations (or both!), labeling your iButton fobs can save you a lot of hassle. In addition to our fob insertion services we also offer our own iButton labelling services. These labels help our clients organize their iButton fobs by both the iButton serial number and the client’s own employee ID or driver ID. We made our labels wear-free by placing a clear cover over the label. This cover also protects against normal wear that comes from being put on a keychain.


Label with Serial Number Barcode and Name

Help prevent fob mix-ups by adding a label to your iButton fob with a human-readable serial number barcode and a name! iButtonLink can print customized labels for your iButton fobs that features a unique serial number barcode as well as a name. A clear cover is placed over the label to help keep it readable and wear-free. 


Spreadsheet with Serial Number, Name, and Location

iButtonLink is here to make distributing iButtons as easy as possible for you. iButtonLink technicians can put together a spreadsheet for you to keep all of your fob distribution information in once place. This spreadsheet will include the serial number of the iButton, name associated with the iButton, and the location that the iButton and fob are assigned to. Customers will be asked to provide information upon order conformation.