Whitewater, Wisconsin, May 19th, 2015 – iButtonLink (www.ibuttonlink.com) today announced the release of BlueMote™ sensors, based on IBM Low-Power Mote Technology. The low-power self-healing wireless mesh network solution is an innovative catalyst for sensor networks allowing services to be deployed in resilient dense networks with minimal maintenance costs.

IBM Research brings extensive experience in low-power wireless technology. The combination of IBM Research’s innovation and iButtonLink’s sensor expertise yield a robust wireless sensor network solution that has multiple applications, for example: data centers, telecommunication facilities, and museums. iButtonLink has developed and manufactured customized sensor solutions since 2002.

The BlueMote™ system is a low-power wireless mesh network designed for high reliability and low maintenance costs. The BlueMote™ nodes are the connecting tool in iButtonLink’s environmental monitoring solution. In addition to a long battery life (up to seven years on two AA batteries), these sensors form industrial strength and self-healing networks that allow clients flexibility in implementation and design.

“The BlueMote™ sensor network provides a robust solution for use in harsh wireless environments, such as data centers, with minimal long-term maintenance. The solution is ideal for large scale sensor deployments.” said Rob Olson, CEO of iButtonLink.

The BlueMote™ system can be used as a standalone mesh wireless sensor network or as part of a larger iButtonLink custom product: the data center monitoring solution. The BlueMote™ solution has been deployed since 2011 to monitor over four million square feet of IBM data centers worldwide helping IBM to reduce its data center energy costs by 12% annually.

The BlueMote™ solution is available now. Contact the iButtonLink sales team at sales@ibuttonlink.com.

About iButtonLink, LLC

iButtonLink is a technology development and manufacturing company in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Specializing in sensor technology, iButtonLink has created customized solutions for businesses worldwide. More information on iButtonLink can be found at www.ibuttonlink.com.

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For more information, please visit www.research.ibm.com. 

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