Older iButtonLink logos from 2003-2012

iButtonLink was not always iButtonLink. In its earliest of days, some of the core team who would later create iButtonLink resold the Weather Duck under DuckCo. The ‘Weather Duck’ is still encapsulated into iButtonLink today within our inventory, calling our manufacturing pieces “DCK0000”. In 2003, when the hobby project decided to rebrand, they arrived on the name known today as iButtonLink. The ‘Link’ was a manufactured product that is still sold today, and the ‘iButton’ came from Maxim Integrated, in which DuckCo had been reselling Maxim iButtons®. In October of 2003, iButtonLink became an official LLC and not to long after the company would start to pick up pace.

In 2005 our current CEO, Rob Olson, became a co-partner helping manage the business and would push the company to be a large player in the sensor world. In 2010, IBM would give iButtonLink a helpful bump on the road to success, supporting their sensors in research activity at various data centers around the world. Implementations of iButtonLink product in their data centers have still been occurring today, and iButtonLink has even helped develop major products for the sensor industry with help from IBM Research. In April 2012, Rob Olson became the sole CEO and President of iButtonLink and it was around this time Olson had begun major changes for iButtonLink.

In December of 2013, iButtonLink discontinued operations at the historic one room school house that they had resided in for a decade and moved 21 miles to the Whitewater Technology Park to their current home, the Innovation Center. Within the Whitewater community, Olson and his team have collaborated on projects and begun hiring a bounty of interns to carry projects onward. In April of 2015, iButtonLink would release its Joint Development Agreements with IBM Research and finally be able to discuss their long-standing relationship and the data center environmental solution that had been developed. As of June 2015, the Measurement and Management Technology (MMT) solution is available for data center facilities.

While the future is unpredictable, Olson had driven his team to excel in the IoT world, and begun working on radical sensor designs that will transform how customers buy sensor packages. More exciting news will continue to come from the iButtonLink team, so keep up to date with our News and Blog sections. For more information on iButtonLink, please contact us.

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