Whitewater, Wisconsin, April 19, 2017 – After weeks of development and meticulous testing, iButtonLink is proud to announce the release of its new family of products: the iButton® Typer™ family.

A New Take on an Old Product

The iButton® Typer™ takes the basic concept of the old iButtonKeyboard– an easy-to-use USB device that input the serial numbers of iButtons® without having to install any drivers– and improves it by creating an easily customizable and unique device. While the original iButtonKeyboard was limited to inputting serial numbers, the new iButton® Typer™ family has several models that can be configured in a variety of ways, such as “typing” serial numbers, temperature/humidity alarms, data logs, and memory logs, using JSON and RESTful interface.

To Cold Chain and Beyond!

The iButton® Typer™ is versatile enough to be used in a multitude of applications. Perfect for cold chain, the iButton® Alarm Typer™ reads and prints the alarm information from Hygrochrons and Thermochrons, making sure that you always know that your shipment was kept at the proper temperatures. The iButton® Serial Typer™ can be used for front desk registrations or for fleet driver IDs. The iButton® Memory Typer™ or the iButton® Log Typer™, both of which “type” the contents of their memory or temperature and humidity logs, is ideal for use in research. The iButton® Typer™ family is great in any application!

Molded to Perfection

Our iButton® Typers™ are molded in compact, water-resistant black Technomelt, and are small enough to fit in a pocket. iButton® Typers™ are available with a micro-USB cable either molded into the body of the device or as a detachable option. The iButton® Memory Typer™ and the iButton® Log Typer™ are available with the option of a touch read head or a touch-and-hold read head to keep the iButton securely in place as the Typer™ inputs data from it.

For more information on this product, including price quotes and shipping information, please contact us at 262-662-4029 or at info@ibuttonlink.com.     

About iButtonLink, LLC

iButtonLink is an engineering and manufacturing company in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Specializing in sensor and 1-Wire® technology, iButtonLink has created customized solutions for businesses worldwide. In their own backyard, iButtonLink works closely with the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, collaborating with professors and providing internship and employment opportunities to students across a variety of disciplines. More information on iButtonLink can be found at www.ibuttonlink.com.

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