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A robust environmental monitoring solution, available from iButtonLink

Developed from IBM Research Measurement and Management Technology

 The graphic above shows airflow through a data center floor. 

Measurement and Management Technology

The Measurement and Management Technology (MMT) solution covers an innovative data center environmental monitoring solution industrially built for many data center sizes.  The MMT solution brings together energy reduction, system automation and the power to fully view a data center environment.  iButtonLink has been working with IBM Research for over 7 years to produce this groundbreaking solution.

Measurement and Management Technology Components

The MMT solution uses multiple complimentary hardware and software devices.  Within the MMT solution, IBM has developed many aspects of the hardware and software, which has now been licensed to iButtonLink as of 2015.  The low-power wireless BlueMote™, Corrosion Monitoring Solution, Measurement and Management Technology software and various environmental sensors cover the entire MMT solution.

The graphic above shows some of the various reports MMT is capable of.


MMT was developed by IBM Research with hardware advancement from iButtonLink at over 4 million square feet of IBM data center space worldwide.  IBM Research-developed software, utilizing their computational fluid dynamics, enables full floor to ceiling 3D view of a data center space showing hot spots, airflow and other environmental data.  MMT 2.0 includes automated cooling systems that are unencumbered by human error, giving data center managers peace of mind.

Measurement and Management Technology Results

The resulting 4 million square feet implementations helped reduce IBM data center energy costs by 12% annually.  Additionally, the MMT solution helped data center managers increase product lifetimes and effectively plan for application downtimes.  Over 53,400 MWh were reduced using MMT hardware and software, equivalent to powering 5,000 US homes.  This groundbreaking solution was developed for data center environments, but can be adapted into many different industries.

Measurement and Management Technology & Industries

Aside from data centers, MMT can be an effective solution for many different environment types.  Facilities that require precision for sensitive materials can utilize the innovative solution.  Businesses such as museums, manufacturers, warehouses, among others can benefit from MMT through precision monitoring software and highly developed environmental sensors.

For more information on the MMT solution or any of its components, please contact sales at or call us at (262)-662-4029. 

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