Below are our three collections of various environmental sensors we offer: T-Probes, MultiSensors, and T-Senses. If you're looking for products that will measure temperature levels in various settings, feel free to explore our product line. Please also visit the Manuals page for more detailed information on these products. For custom orders, including length, interface and other options, please contact our sales department at 


Our line of T-Probes are a great choice for a simple temperature sensor solution. With a fast response time and accurate read, the T-Probes can be effective in most settings. Visit the collection to find the various sizing and features. 

T-Probe Temperature Sensor  


Like its title says, this sensor line offers a temperature sensor with various additions. Whether its voltage, airflow, current, humidity, or light, these sensors can do it. Check out the collection for more information about the mix of products we provide. 

MultiSensor with Temperature Sensor


Our T-Sense is a great compact temperature sensor system with a large measurement range. Whether you're using 1 or 100 of these on a daisy chain, this is a great product for a low cost. Please visit the collection to find more information on this product. 

T-Sense Temperature Sensor