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DS1402D-DR8+ iButton Reader

by Maxim Integrated Products


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The DS1402D-DR8+ iButton Reader is a cable used to connect iButtons® to 1-Wire® masters, such as the LinkUSB. The cable is 2.4 m (8 ft) long when uncoiled, which is indicated by the “DR8” in the product name. One end of the cable has two “Blue Dot” connectors that can be used as either a momentary or dwelled contact for an iButton®. The other end of the cable is a modular connector for a 1-Wire® master.

This cable is especially useful for testing iButtons® or reading data from Thermocrons and Hygrocrons when mounted to a desk or other surface.

Visit the DS1402D-DR8+ data sheet for more information on this product.

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