LinkLocator Model 1

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While the ability to read iButton® information and reader location is not new, the ability to identify multiple reader locations at such a low price is something special. The LinkLocator sends its own unique 16-digit address and the 16-digit address of the iButton® being discovered on the 1-Wire® network. When used with any of the Link 1-Wire® master interfaces that are offered by iButtonLink, the LinkLocator gains added functionality, including LED drivers and digital I/O points. 

The LinkLocator Model 1 is packaged as a molded product measuring 2” by 3/4" with leads exiting from one end. The LinkLocator can be mounted with a simple cable clamp, cable tie, or secured in an electrical box, so it is great in situations where there are already reading devices. The electronics are covered in the molding compound, making the device nearly waterproof and highly resistant to chemicals. 

For more information on this product, please refer to the LinkLocator manual.

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